Acumé Forensic was established in 2004 on the back of groundbreaking work on the Soham Murders. In 12 years we have assisted in the prosecution of over 400 Category A cases. Providing a bespoke electronic preparation and presentation of evidence service to the Criminal Justice Service.

  • Visually Impactive

    Down to the smallest detail our graphics are based on a clear concise design which is case proven to assist understanding

  • Compliant

    Our solutions and processes are tried and tested and fully compliant with current government protective marking schemes

  • Complete solutions

    We provide a full end to end service from case conference to trial conclusion, we can also supply all the required audio visual hardware for a fully seamless service.

  • Dynamic Updates

    Our courtroom presentations are dynamic and can and often do charge during trial.

  • Customer Support

    We offer support 24/7 365 days a year advice on all our services is always a phone call away

  • Documents

    Document heavy cases are a specialty with presentation and review solutions built in house we often handle cases with 500,000+ documentary exhibits