Although well known for our presentation work we have been involved in evidential Identification for over 20 years, producing morphological identification reports from generally very poor CCTV, covering offences as wide ranging as murder, armed robbery to fraud.

It is with this background that we have initiated our biometric custody project. We have become increasingly frustrated by the low quality images provided for our work, it has reached a point were some of the images supplied for comparison are of lower quality than the CCTV images obtained from the offence footage.

Having seen a marked drop in custody image quality to the point where images taken 20-30 years ago are higher quality than those taken yesterday, combined with Home Office issued guidance in 2007 which advises that Police should be capturing 5 images,as a minimum, of everyone taken into custody (pre charge), to date not one force has attained this standard. This lead to the development of Halo.

Our camera captures these 5 images in one simple process exceeding the quality standard. However we have taken Halo a huge leap further; when we capture an image we are also capturing biometric facial data unique to that individual. This will allow for a level of automated ID that will exceed anything currently available.

This is not facial recognition technology. This is facial identification technology.